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Cold & Cough Capsule - 60Nos.

From children to aged people will be suffering from seasonal infection, cold and fever. Solanum acts as a best medicine for this disease condition, cure the symptoms of sinus. It can also help to soother viral and flu infection. Extended throat muscle growth called as tonsils, commonly found in many children. Solanum is an extraordinary medicine for curing asthma. Extract of solanum with honey to be taken every day will cure the symptoms of asthma and also cures loss of appetite and voice regulation.

If you include this in your diet more than twice in a week it will prevent you from stomach and mouth cancer. For persons who are addicted to smoking and drinking can also be included in their diet so that they can be helped from the cancer. The antioxidant and anti hepatoxicity property in the solanum prevents you from any liver damage and infections. Flowers and seeds of solanum acts a medicine for curing lung cancer.

Key Ingredients

Each Capsule contains: Solanum Trilobtum & Alpinia Galanga 500mg.

Directions for use

One to two capsules two times a day or as directed by the Physician.